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Over 200 associations with well over 40,000,000 members are taking advantage of CTC’s costumed hospitality products and services. Incorporated in 1997, CTC has proven to be one of the largest IT marketing firms in North America.

Our strength in numbers has enabled us to offer pre‐negotiated, deep discounts on products and services you may already be utilizing. Are you a small business or an association that would like to pay less while strengthening your member and / or employee benefits? Well, CTC is the ultimate single source partner for your organization! Please fill out our quick request form and one of our representatives will contact you with options that best fit your needs. Start here

Association Benefits

When it comes to member benefits, we’ve got you covered. Are you looking for a generic or custom benefit to boost your membership program? CTC offers attractive benefits utilizing multi-billion dollars partners.

Your members, employees, and supporters will be pleased with the great savings on hundreds of thousands of products and services they buy everyday. Start your custom benefits program for FREE today.

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How can CTC help your business?

CTC is your one convenient source for access to over 1,000 vendors offering great discounts, coupons and deals 24/7. We will provide you with a custom benefits program for your business to allow your employees and partners to take advantage of pre-negotiated deals from vendors like Office Depot, OfficeMax, energy services, shipping discounts, telecommunications and more.

Learn more about how we can save you time and money while helping to increase your bottom line and improve your employee satisfaction.

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Enhance your brand recognition and benefits offerings without having to hire web designers and programmers to create custom benefit and hospitality programs for your organization. You can now build your own customized benefits program through the MyPerksMall.

Allow your employees, members or supporters to shop smart and save money from hundreds of well-known vendors, like Office Depot, Walmart, Best Buy, Macy’s and others. Join us today and get your mall up and running. (Learn more)

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CTC SoftTech.

CTC SoftTech Services

Website Design

From simple websites for small businesses to sophisticated and complex database driven websites, Mobile Applications, Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, (an SEO fulfills your requirements in terms of service, design and).

CTC SoftTech's crystal clear objective is to deliver quality Web application and Software Development Services while incorporating supreme value to enterprises globally at an affordable price. ( Learn more )

Web Development

Web development is a broad term for any activity relating to developing a web site for the World Wide Web or the internet. This can include e-commerce business development, web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, and web server configuration. Web development can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, or social network services.

CTC SoftTech is a leading website Design & web development company offering high quality and cost-efficient solutions to companies around the globe.

CTC SoftTech assists in providing web application development for its clients in a customized manner. We also provide complete Content Management Systems (CMS) for our clients, apart from creating e-Business applications. This proves to be very useful for our clients as they are left at ease with their content management issues.

CTC SoftTech offers customized and rich internet applications for simple and complex processes using a variety of high-end tools providing our clients with excellent user interfaces to meet our clients’ unique needs and to help our clients’ businessess exceed their technological expectations. All our applications are cross platform compatible. We have a professional team who specialize in web application development. Pulling from a full potential of up-to-date technology platforms, we deliver systems with the optimal cost to performance ratio.

Our Expertise in web development includes:
  • Website Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Dot Net Development
  • PHP
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Payment Gate Way Solutions
  • Flash Website Development
  • CMS
  • Social Network Solutions

To find out how CTC SoftTech can help you with your development needs, please contact us for a comprehensive and free project analysis or you can fill out our online RFQ form and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your website development needs.

Database Solution

Depending upon the various market needs,we provide all the solutions related to the development, deployment and management of a database. Modern database solutions are just a click away by the users involved in large database driven applications. Database development is an essential and continuing necessity for any business, especially when we talk about dynamic websites or the large database driven application for any business house.

Today,to compete in the market, business demands different kinds of database solutions. These solutions include performance, scalability, and reliability. These requirements incorporate data management and analysis of the clients’ businessess needs and allow the organizations to adapt quickly and elegantly to derive a competitive advantage in a fast-changing world of IT.

CTC SoftTech provides database design and development services for new and existing web applications. Custom database development need not be expensive. We understand that budgets are often limited for IT development. Therefore,CTC SoftTech focuses on a rapid, efficient and flexible database development. We maintain the best programmers and database developers with all the latest technologies and always try to be in close contact with our clients throughout the development process to exactly meet the clients’ requirements and deliver exactly what they require. We help our clients to select the right database technology depending upon their requirement to develop their application. We can ensure that the clients’ database is performing at its most advantageous level.

We deal with all major databases such as MS Access, SQL Server, My SQL etc.

Mobile Application

Android Application Development - Key Features

Android is an Open Handset Alliance, which helps developers use Java programming language and create applications of different types. Android has a rich support for Audio/Media types and Graphics and has the support of its core library for developers to build third party applications.

Core Applications - Android SDK

Some of the core applications which are built with the Android SDK, include:

  • Email Client
  • SMS
  • Calendar
  • Maps
  • Browser
  • Contacts
Category - Android Applications

Android offers a vast category of applications that can be created by developers at Mobisoft, like:

  • Multimedia applications
  • Utility applications
  • Security applications
  • Enterprise applications
  • Travel applications
  • Internet applications
  • Entertainment applications
  • Communications applications including Wi-Fi, GPS

To learn more about our Android application development methodologies or get an overview of the apps we have created so far, contact us. To get a free quote for Android app development, submit your requirements here.

E-Commerce Solutions

CTC SoftTech has complete experience and expertise in developing and deploying e-commerce solutions . CTC SoftTech can develop specialized e-commerce solutions including the latest shopping cart solutions for clients, addressing their unique requirements providing the client the ability to market and sell their product in a competitive marketplace. E-commerce development solutions can be easily customized as per the clients’ requirements, enabling optimization of a web-site for a specific customer base and benefits from e-commerce solutions.


websites have the following characteristics:

Site presentation. The way a page looks is half the battle. Regardless of how good a product is or how attractive its price is, it is worthless if the page can't capture the attention of the potential customer in a couple of seconds. That's why the design and look of the page have great importance.

Product presentation. Every time a customer has to click to visit a different page or to see something he or she wants, there is a risk of losing him or her. That's why products should be categorized and presented in a way that makes them easy to find using the lowest number of clicks possible.

Payment gateways. The whole idea of having an e-commerce website is to make money. The potential customer must be given as many options as possible. Visa, MasterCard and PayPal should be the minimum options for payment on your website.

Is visually pleasing as well as usable and quick-loading

Integrate seamlessly with your business operations applications and product catalog

Logo Design

The logo forms an integral part of a brand that can make or break a company. There are plenty of instances where a redesign of a logo has worked wonders for a particular organization.It is a graphical representation of a company's brand that should clearly represents a company´s type of business, services,ect. Hence, the power of a logo shouldn´t be underestimated. In fact, it should be one of the main areas of focus during the building process.

At CTC SoftTech, our aim is to provide contemporary and bold logo designs. We have professional and experienced staff who are dedicated to designing logos as per your requirement.

Being aware of the importance of logos as the unique identification and recognition for the organization, we excel in this field. We believe that a logo should symbolize and represent the motto of the company. It should convey to others what your company does, what you stand for, what you provide and why people should choose you instead of your competitors.

Keeping all these factors in mind, our designers create a logo that catches the public eye and imagination, sends an instinctive message and will be significantly imprinted on the minds of customers. For this, we use cutting-edge tools and software to build the logos to represent company brands. Samples

Content Management

A CMS or Content Management System is used for the control and editing of content. This content includes any kind of file may it be audio, video or a flash file or any document. The main concept behind a CMS is to make these files available for updating or changing the content. A CMS is often used for the collection of these documents as well. Many companies use a CMS to organize and store files in a public format. Companies using a CMS can share content with others easily, as most systems are server based.

A CMS or Content Management System allows website owners / operators with no technical or operational knowledge of computers to manage the content on their website by themselves. A good CMS allows non-technical authors and editors to easily and quickly publish their content.

A good Content Management Systems (CMS) allows a user to create and manage an unlimited number of pages on a website and control the functionality of each page.

A CMS is normally able to provide the following features:

Easy to Use: A simple interface is easy to learn and use.

Choice of WYSIWYG editor: Users may choose to edit content using various options available to them according to their criteria. Alternatively advanced users can directly edit the HTML snippets or can copy and paste it from any other applications such as Word or Front Page.

Rich Multimedia Support: It supports formatted files such as .pdf,. doc,.xls ect. or any image, video or audio files.

An ability to assign certain roles and rights within the document management system and across differing content types and categories.

Define management and system workflows, definitions, tasks and possibly even tied in with event messaging so that managers of the content are notified of changes to specific content.

Ability to record, track and manage many versions of the same content or files - a document management system with versioning.

Ability to publish content to a centralized content archive, to facilitate greater access to the content. More importantly, with time, this repository becomes a vital element of the CMS system, and incorporates search and retrieval methods.

CTC SoftTech offers state of the art content management solution for websites, as today everyone wants to handle their website by themselves; we have made a CMS to provide the utmost freedom for a user to maintain their website.The CMS contains a user-friendly and well-designed panel which can be handled by any beginner or experienced user to the web.

Telecom Consulting Services

We only partner with and represent best in class Carriers and CLECs. We will assist your company in selecting a carrier that is a good fit for your needs. Telecom Consulting Group represents over 50 different carriers and provides multi vendor solutions for small and medium sized businesses and large multi location companies.

The carriers we represent will reduce the telecommunications expense in a typical company by 30-40%. One point of contact for local service, long distance, internet, as well as the phone. We will provide you with a few options that are a good fit for your phone needs.

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MPLS / Fiber / Internet

Hosted Voice / Sip


Mobility / Wireless

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